Googaloid is being developed as an internet probe which is the benefactor of Google's legacy.

It is being developed as an alternative to Google. The term 'Google' has become a frenzied cliché.

Novelty factors are a life-giving force.

Rather than create a new search engine, we will firstly try to partner up with Google to instigate a name change to Googaloid and make some changes to the search engine. 

The term Google will become defunct in the near future. This is a prophecy of true significance.

Google is the one choice, the only choice, for navigating the web. We will do nothing to undermine or out-master them to intensify the atrocity of conceding their brand name.

Online’s changed the world, and Google has had a major positive influence over this.

Our intentions are to create a space age internet search engine which departs from male-dominated mathematical certainty.

Logic is a drag because it has no self-evident aura.

We pay special attention to sites which have a culmination of aesthetic appeal.

Google is data and information-based, whereas at Googaloid information is way down the line of thinking. Aesthetics are our priority. Data and information comes second, but it is still as important.

Yet access to aesthetic spark deploys the individual’s development.

Many people will have a high dependence on information obtained from Googaloid which defines their personification of data. So the knowledge status of Googaloid may make some people feel intimidated.

If you delve too much on internet information, you will find you are located in a corrupt world where data manifests as apocalyptic.

The amount of information on the web is enough to create manic episodes for the majority enough to create a revolution of its own accord.

Without a superior search engine the internet would become invaded by stale fragments of information.

Much of web searching involves how to get the greatest efficiency out of the internet without having a self-conscious ulterior motive.

Googaloid will be a compact yet malleable tool for navigating the internet.

We are trying to emulate google, but our logistics are absolute junk.

Google is a top-notch search engine, the most superior engine to be developed, but its name is drab and poxy and portrays a pause of sophistication.

The term 'Google' is characteristically a primitive commute into the internet we are exposed to.

But Google is much more than a search engine. It is a gizmo that organizes the world's information. It is the pivot of affirmation of life. 

On target is to create an exciting twist to other common search engines which we aim to surpass the momentum and dominance of.

It is something to contemplate as you carry a crude mass of information of throwaway things on your computer, resulting in chaos as it becomes available to all those concerned in deploying this epic tool.

Search engines connect people and companies in ways unheard of, whether in divine ways or carried out in business or media contacts for aesthetic gratification.

Search engines create manic iconic transactions in excess.  

We may allure computer science PHDs who want to bump up their lifestyle with an exciting technological challenge to help build the search engine.

PHD's will be offered shares in the enterprise to volunteer their time and skill rather than gain immediate remuneration.

This is our dumbfounding mission to incentivise techies.

It is deigned to be an attractive iconic pursuit for computer scientists.

Please email Reece on the contact link of this page if you are interested in investing in our search engine.(

Our forthcoming collective team would be visionaries if we only had time and money. 

In the future it could be quite something really. 

Halleluiah for digital delights!